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“Randi has helped me proofread/edit almost all the articles that I have written and published on Chinese language pedagogy and linguistics in English in the past 18 years. She is meticulous and professional and can proofread not only English but also Chinese and Pinyin scripts. I am very grateful and pleased to have had her assistance all these years.”

Janet Zhiqun Xing

Professor, Western Washington University

"Randi was instrumental in editing a chapter I published in a new anthology on the intersections of gender, literature, and the visual and performative arts in Hispanic America. Since I am a non-English native speaker, I was particularly grateful for Randi’s careful attention to detail. Her skillful guidance proved to be the extra drive that I needed to succeed in the demanding academic publishing world. Her care and constant encouragement, tempered with her professional writing tips and lessons have made me a better writer and improved my writing. Thank you!"

Emilia Barbosa

PhD, Lecturer, University of Kansas

"Thank you for your excellent editing and advi[c]e. In fact, I have received more comments and questions from you than my supervisor."

Jeong-Eun Park

PhD candidate, University of British Columbia

"I feel very fortunate to have had Randi edit my book manuscript and articles. She is very thoughtful and understands what I am trying to accomplish and helps me get there. Also, she is super easy to communicate with! It was fun and enjoyable to work with her!" 


Postdoctoral fellow

Harvard Kennedy School

"Randi respects an author's voice, making it clearer and maintaining consistency. I have been very satisfied with her excellent and prompt editing service during the past two years and wish I had found her earlier. Since writing is such an important part of academic life, I have been referring her to my colleagues and to graduate students in need of editing assistance."


Associate Professor

University of Kansas


"Your editing is always great and perfect."

Graduate student

University of Prince Edward Island

"I have gone through the copy-editor’s comments. It is one of the best edits I have ever received."

Ken-ichi Takashima

Emeritus, University of British Columbia

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