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Charges Breakdown

ESL’s fee is calculated by word count and level of editing required. Thus:

  • Light Edit (Copyediting and proofreading on the word and sentence levels): 3 cents/word

  • Medium Edit (All of the services of the Light Edit plus usage corrections and suggestions on the sentence and paragraph levels): 4 cents/word

  • Heavy Edit (Light + Medium + structural and continuity suggestions on the document level): 5 cents/word

All estimates above are based on a standard 250-word manuscript page. All charts will be calculated as having 50 words. Jobs can also be billed at a page rate of $8 per or an hourly rate of $40 per.

Projects of great length – including dissertations and academic textbooks – can be decided on an individual basis.


All prices negotiable for impoverished graduate students.

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Put ESL to the Test

ESL would be happy to take a preliminary look at your manuscript, provide you with a sample single page edit and estimate based on that. I request the full manuscript for these samples so that I can assess the bigger picture which will inform the smaller picture. You will receive your sample page and price quote within 48 hours of submission.

» Request a Price Quote and Sample Edit

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