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Randi Hacker has been giving children a voice in their future since 1989, when, after quitting her job as Editor of The Electric Company Magazine (published by Children's Television Workshop), she and her former partner, Jackie Kaufman, created, wrote, edited and published Planet Three: The Earth-based Magazine for Kids. P3 was an influential (if short-lived) eco-magazine that empowered children to act on behalf of their home planet. At its peak, it reached 20,000 readers worldwide. P3 received hundreds of letters from children of all ages that spoke of their fears, their worries, and their gratitude that the magazine took them seriously, and gave them an ear and a means of making themselves heard. It was pretty expensive to produce and so, alas, it folded.



In 2020, Randi founded Home Planet Books, purveyor of fine climate crisis books for kids. HPB published Life on a Different Planet, a climate crisis handbooks for tweens and teens with illustrations by the talented Ron Barrett, and AB(zero)C, a low-carbon footprint alphabet with watercolors by the talented Mary Connelly. In 2020, in a departure from its mission, HPB released M Is for Masks, a coronavirus alphabet, also illustrated by Mary Connelly. The book won an honorable mention from the North Street Book Prize. 


Randi is the author of How to Live Green, Cheap and Happy (Stackpole Books), a book for adults, which enjoyed a small cult following; and the young adult novel Life As I Knew It released by Simon & Schuster in 2006 and named one of the Books for the Teen Age by the New York Public Library in 2007. Her satirical essays written with Jackie appeared in Spy, Punch, and the New York Times Book Review.  


Randi is also the creator and co-writer (with Jay Craven) of Windy Acres, a mini-series produced by Kingdom County Productions and broadcast on Vermont Public Television in 2004. It was nominated for a New England Emmy for Writing. It might have won. She can’t remember.

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