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The Instruction and Acquisition of the BA Construction by Students of Chinese as a Foreign Language (Lexington Books)

Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis of Functionally Graded Materials for Lithium Metal Batteries (grant proposal)

Suppressing Lithium Dendrite Growth by Functionally Graded Materials: A Network-Based Method to Measure the Complexity of Unsteady Flows (grant proposal)

A New Development in Magnetic Particle Tracking Technology and its Application in a Sheared Dense Granular Flow (grant proposal)


Female New-Realism: Masterworks of Zhang Jie, Wang Anyi and Chi Li (article)

Like Life: Royal Portraits of the Joseon Dynasty in Ritual Context (dissertation)


Inception vs. Completion: An Innovative Approach to Understanding and Teaching the Chinese ‘le’ Particle (dissertation)


Situating Contemporary Korean Art in the Age of Globalization (dissertation)

Gendering Male Dan: Male Cross-Gender Performers and Performance of Jingju in the Post-Cultural Revolution Era (dissertation)


Performing Across Borders and Aesthetic Turns: Vernacular Music and Female Musicians in Late Chosŏn Korea (dissertation)

Gendering Male Dan: Male Cross-Gender Performers and Performance of Jingju in the Post-Cultural Revolution Era (dissertation)

Newest Trends in the Study of Grammaticalization and Lexicalization in Chinese (DeGruyter)

Local Leaders, Families and the ‘Missing Girls’ in Rural China (Oxford University Press)

Ritual Economy: Contingencies of Value of Shamanic Practice on Cheju Island, South Korea (University of Washington Press)

Playing by the Informal Rules: Why the Chinese Regime Remains Stable Despite Rising Protests (Cambridge University Press)

Workers and Change in China: Resistance, Repression, Responsiveness (Cambridge University Press)

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Bhikṣu Ordinations and Clerical Marriage in 1920s Korean Buddhism (paper)

A Monk’s Double Identity and the Issue of Clerical Marriage: An Examination of Kim Chŏnghae’s Household Registers in Colonial Korea (paper)


Political and Cultural Implications of the Vernacular Translations of Buddhist Texts in Fifteenth-Century Chosŏn Korea (paper)


The Flâneuse and the Landscape of Colonial Kyŏngsŏng [Seoul] in the 1920–30s (paper)


Being Modern Across Heterogeneity: Historicizing the Modern Girl in Colonial Korea (paper)

Postmortem Salvation in 3rd-Century Carthaginian Christianity within the Context of the Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas, and the Rich Man and Lazarus Story (paper)

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